Monday, January 6, 2014

Mirandus V2 and Mirandus two tone drip tip from Circle Of Mod

When I heard the news that Circle Of Mod was releasing the Mirandus V2 back in October, I had to contact them to get my hands on one for a review. From what I saw in pics that had been circulating, it looked to be a beautiful mechanical mod with nice features and options. Let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed. To top it off, they were releasing new drip tips that they made under the same name, so one of my choice was included for this review piece. After several emails back and forth between myself and Circle Of Mod (59 total emails to be exact, which was a testament to their customer service because they answered every question in a timely manner), they had given me all the options on the pre-order custom batch. I went with brass tubes, a stainless top cap, stainless lock ring, and brass bottom cap and firing button. Then the kicker, the offered custom personalized serial engraving, in which I chose CLDCHSR, which if you live in California like myself, you realize that when you personalize a license plate on a vehicle, you can choose between 7 alphanumeric characters, so it becomes habit to short hand words when doing something like this. After all the options were figured out, the wait was on.

Well, the release date was scheduled for around the end of November, which had came and no word on shipping, so I emailed them asking what was going on. They replied in a timely manner stating that their was a QC issue with the threading on the top cap, so shipping would be pushed back to early to mid December so they could resolve the issue to make sure everyone received a quality product. This is where this company impressed me. All the meanwhile I was relaying the message to people on CaliVapers that were showing interest in the Mirandus V2. Well, finally she shipping date arrived (December 20th), so it came time to play the waiting game, which wasn't long due to the fact that Circle Of Mod is located in California also. The package arrived December 23rd (Fast shipping to my door)

Here's where we get to the good stuff: PICTURES!!!!

First off, let me say that Circle Of Mod takes great care in packaging, but due to my "Kid on Christmas morning" mentality any time I receive something in the mail, I didn't get the initial pics of how they were originally wrapped inside the box, but I did get pics of everything else. First off, the come in a wooden box that is carved (Seems like a thick balsa wood with nice carvings/etching). It was a single box, a change from the last model that came in three seperate boxes. This seemed like a good choice because it's more convenient and less bulky.

Here's where the mentality I spoke of before got the better of me. Just like the box, each tube is wrapped in a paper that reminds me of parchment paper and sealed with the Mirandus wax seal. But, once the paper is removed, it reveals that each tube (One which is fully assembled) is wrapped in a soft protective hide embellished with the Mirandus logo (Another great touch adding to the care of this mod).

Now, the mod comes with the option of running either a telescopic top pin (Adjustable like most tube mods, i.e. the King from Surefire or Chi You from Mojo, or a great little spring loaded self adjusting top pin. These contacts are silver plated over brass and are very conductive (The plating is super thick also).The top cap has a nice, thick, big delrin insulator that is internally threaded for the top pin that is great for preventing shorts in the mod. I decided top go with the spring loaded top pin so I wouldn't have to mess around with adjusting pins to fit different batteries or adjust for different RBA's

Now comes the bottom firing pin, firing switch and lock ring assembly. The bottom firing pin is a typical silver plated (Once again, the plating is very thick) flat head screw type pin, which does the job perfectly well. Here's where the Mirandus and Circle Of Mod shine once again: They give you the option of either running a spring switch or magnetic switch. I decided to go with the magnetic switch. I will add that the engraving on the firing button is a nice touch, and the threading and action on the lock ring and all the threads is butter smooth.

The engravings are beautiful, but my only complaint is that I wish they were deeper, because I have a fear of them fading due to polishing.

Last but not least, this is the drip tip that was included by request and personally engraved (They offered up to 4 alpha numeric characters) with RVW1. This is a beautiful drip tipin two tone brass and stainless, and feels comfortable to use.

Here is the assembled mod pre-drip tip with my Omega atomizer. This is a thing of beauty, with a smooth action firing button, great conductivity, and great durability. Honestly, I have no complaints other than the engraving depth. I think Circle of Mod nailed it with the Mirandus and their customer service.

I would like to thank Circle Of Mod for sending me the Mirandus and drip tip for review. I receive no monetary gains for doing reviews, so the mod nor any product has any monetary value to me. My reviews are solely my opinions and are to be taken as such.

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